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Believe It, Pursue It

Their will be:
32 topics discussed over an 8 hour process (15 minute sections)
5 exercises that will mold ones growth in reflection.
3 free one on one sessions to
1- Evaluate ones growth
2- Moving forward consultation
3- A succession plan to seize the future

Topics that will be covered:
1.How to find self
2.50 questions (what do I want personally)(""material wise)(""for those will have direct impress on my life)
3.Getting uncomfortable
4.Ways you make money with what you know
5.Life scheduling
6.Living spaces
7.Living reciprocity
8.Who is my family and what they mean (relationships)
9.Love in acceptance
10.What do my choices do for my success
11.Cause and affect of my surroundings ( who do I attract)
12.Common comforts and to achieve them
13.Taking charge, completing the tasks meant for said area efficiently
14.Journal keeping (note your path as you walk in greatness)  
15.Communication (active listening, body language,pause and repeat)
16.Chosen burdens and energy conservation (who takes the energy)
17.Decision making (know we know what do we do) (prioritizing)
18.Patience in prioritizing
19.Simplify (handing out the extras)
20.Thought processes (ones iteration with repetitive assurances. What is you?)
21.What will I risk for my reward
22.What am I teaching my surroundings to give back to me
23.Rich and the poor (have one thing in common...Wants!)
24.What is money (tool,pacifier, negotiating piece,classifier ?)
25.Self evaluation (what am i worth with my traits)
26.Income vs outcome (what do i do and what does it pay for)
27.Time vs income (promising my outcome) micro management
28.Passive incomes (what can you sell interest you)
29.Spending habits and the band-aids that are purchased.
30.Finding the you in what you do.
31.Taxes (what is it going to cost me for my dreams)
32.What makes it all worth it!

I know this seems like allot that's why it's broken up in segments of 15 minute intervals, yet at the end of all of this work one's worth will be known amungst other things. i look forward to seeing you in the near future walking in greatness!!!